Embedded World 2024

Save the date EW24


It’s official, our company is once again going to be a part of the embedded community and a highly anticipated trade show! Make sure to mark your 📆, save the date, and plan your visit to the EW24.

The Embedded World Exhibition & Conference has already become a permanent addition to our event calendar. As the event draws near, we’ll be sharing more updates, and news to keep you up to date.

Save the date EW24

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Summer internship kick-off.

Welcome to the team, interns!


Summer internship kick-off!
Meet our first team: Kinga, Aleksandra, Mikołaj and Rostyslav.
This year is exceptional for us, due to the great interest. Over 20 interns will join our company during the summer.
It’s a real challenge, but we’re ready!

What distinguishes us is an individual approach. We’re one of the few companies that assign each intern to an individual mentor, ensuring that they can fully benefit from the mentors’ experience and knowledge. We believe an internship is not just a temporary relation with a company. It’s the first and most significant step toward professional growth. Our mentors’ are experienced professionals passionate about their work and sharing knowledge.
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Cooperation based on relations

Cooperation based on relations


What aspects do you consider while choosing a company you’d like to work for or cooperate with?

  • company proven experience
  • communication and transparency
  • partnership relations
  • approach towards employees and development opportunities
  • organizational culture (values, mission, and work environment)

These are just starting points for a decision-making process. A mutually beneficial and well-aligned cooperation can open new opportunities.

Read the article and explore the company’s values and its core business. Get to know what’s important for us.


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Gryftec po godzinach

Family picnic


Last Friday, we met at Szczecińska Gubałówka for another family picnic. This is the perfect opportunity for us to spend time with our coworkers outside the office and personally meet their close ones.

Changing weather conditions didn’t spoil our plans or stop us from having a great time. Many attractions prepared for the youngest attendees lasted until late evening. Even the adults couldn’t resist enjoying the bouncy castle and face painting.

We want to thank all the participants for coming and for the shared fun.

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embedded systems test infrastructure

Article: The matter of an embedded systems test infrastructure team tasks


Today, embedded systems are used in a wide range of industries and devices we use, from smartphones through TV sets to cars. To assure the systems are of the highest quality, it is essential to test them and, for that to happen, create appropriate test environments. The test infrastructure team provides the essential elements for conducting tests as well as the tools for the management of the testing process itself. They are the key component both for testers, who need access to the right set of tools, as well as for the customer himself who expects reliable test results.

An important part of the test infrastructure are test environments. Testing of embedded systems is focused on the actual device, which may require various types of sensors, actuators or communication interfaces (used for interaction with the surroundings or other systems) in order to work properly. When testing particular components such as an ECU (Electronic Control Unit), for example, the test environment simulates input signals and allows the tester to check output signals produced by the device. Therefore, one of the primary tasks of the infrastructure department is finding solutions, which enable us to simulate the environment, in which the device under test will be used.

In our company, B&R X20 series, controllers, and Vector VT System devices are commonly used for this purpose, which the tester is operating using the Vector CANoe software. While the Vector VT System uses a build-in communication interface within CANoe, it was the test infrastructure team’s task to create a real-time communication solution with the other components.

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