15 years of GRYFTEC Embedded Systems

15 years of GRYFTEC Embedded Systems


Jubilee is the right time to make sum-ups. To remind us how the beginnings of the company looked like, to evaluate achievements and to set new goals. It’s also a great moment to celebrate together with all of those who contributed to the company’s development and success through their work and commitment.
We’d like to express our thanks to our clients and business partners, who have been cooperating and supporting us during this period. Special thanks to our team of employees for their effort put into the company’s development.
Thanks to the mutual determination we were able to create a company that is recognizable and has a strong position on the market.

We hope, that the next years will be also successful, filled with great ideas, commitment, and enthusiasm for further progress.
Once again thanks to all, who contributed to the process of creation and development of our company.

GRYFTEC Embedded Systems Management Board

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Praktyki w IT Szczecin

Students internships during holiday season


We have already completed the recruitment for student internships during the holiday season.
Thank you for applying.

If you’re looking for internships in a different period of time, contact us using the form on our website or write at info@gryftec.com

Szkolenia GRYFTEC

III edition of Testing Academy is over


Today the last classes of Testing Academy were held. This time, the classes were carried out in cooperation with the Faculty of Electric Engineering, West Pomeranian University of Technology. We’d like to thank all the participants, for their presence and involvement. Special thanks to the university authorities for the possibility of this venture.

We hope that in the future, this fruitful relationship will be continued and contribute to the next education projects.

Testing Academy at GRYFTEC

GRYFTEC trainings


Testing Academy-cooperation with WPUoT


Tomorrow we’re starting the next edition of the Testing Academy. This time the courses will be carried out in cooperation with the Faculty of Electric Engineering, the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin.

Our most experienced testers will conduct the classes for Teleinformatics students, in the subject of Testing and versioning of the application.

Our employees have many years of experience, in making and testing microprocessor devices. We’re testing them in cooperation with international companies on the markets of marine equipment. We want to pass this knowledge as well as theoretical and practical skills to people participating in classes.

The classes will take place in our headquarters and will last for about 4 weeks.

Targi pracy Wydział Informatyki ZUT

Meet us. R@bbIT 2019


We’d like to invite you to visit us at the 6th edition of r@bbIT conference, which will take place next Wednesday, April 3th 2019 at the Faculty of Computer Science of the West Pomeranian University.

The conference will include Job Fair, probably the largest event this type in the IT industry in Szczecin. It’s the best opportunity to meet us in person, become acquainted with the latest tech news. Besides, we can talk about the requirements for candidates, for offered job positions.

Come – See – Plan your career with us.