Job fair Politechnika Morska


This is likely the last chance this year to meet us in person and explore collaboration opportunities.
GRYFTEC team will be present at the upcoming job fair at Politechnika Morska in Szczecin. The event starts on December 07th at 10:00.

We’re excited to invite electronics and programming enthusiasts, as well as those interested in project and process management topics, to learn more about what we do and discover career opportunities that align with their skills and interests.

Whether you’re looking first job, want to grow, or wish to work in a friendly environment, visit our booth at the Politechnika Morska job fair. Our team will provide detailed information about internship and career opportunities, the technologies we use, and the latest trends in the industry.

Don’t miss out on the chance to meet our team.

Job Fair Politechnika Morska
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2nd table football tournament


When it comes to competing, we’re all about that sports spirit and friendly rivalry! Then it’s all about the thrill of the game and increased adrenaline. Last week, we celebrated the end of the 2nd table football tournament. The competition spanned two months and brought together 24 players. It was another fantastic tournament this year, and we’re pleased to say that it has become a part of our company’s event calendar.

But is it just about winning?

In today’s fast-paced world, filled with ASAPs, endless meetings, and deadlines, a couple-minute match is a valuable moment that keeps us away from constant screen staring. What is more, it is a great break from work!

Improving company team spirit
The success of the 2nd table football tournament wouldn’t be possible without our organizers, Paweł and Karol. Once again, thank you for your professional approach, and let’s keep the spirit for further editions. This initiative driven by our team members has proved the importance and necessity of sports activities within a workplace.

Congratulations to our winners, and many thanks to all the participants for their competitive spirit.

Swipe out and find our previous tournaments.

2nd table football tournament

Praktyki w IT

Jak zostać Senior Software Engineerem? Sposób na start w IT.


Mówi się, że najtrudniej jest zacząć, a droga do znalezienia ciekawej i satysfakcjonującej pracy może być wyzwaniem. To prawda, zwłaszcza kiedy jesteś na początku swojej ścieżki zawodowej i brak Ci rozeznania w branży.
Obecnie branża IT, oferuje jedne z najbardziej obiecujących perspektyw na rozwój kariery zawodowej i zdobywanie cennego doświadczenia. Czy praktyki studenckie to dobry sposób na start w branży IT?

Poznajcie historię Wojtka, który swoją drogę w GRYFTEC Embedded Systems rozpoczął blisko 8 lat temu. Dziś jest cenionym Senior Software Engineerem w zespole testerskim, skutecznie rozwijając swoje umiejętności w nowej roli.

Dowiedz się, jakie możliwości daje praca w IT i jak wykorzystać praktyki studenckie do zdobycia nowych kompetencji.

Praktyki studenckie, start w branży IT.
fot. Wojtek Wiśniewski

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Easy Enginnering Magzine

Easy Engineering Magazine interview


Easy Engineering Magazine released an interview with our CEO, Jerzy Pieścikowski, covering insights about industry trends that impact our company, ongoing projects, and forecasts for the embedded market.

Easy Engineering, an international online magazine, focuses on the technology industry and delivers valuable information about the latest products and services.

Read the full interview: 

Easy Engineering interview

GRYFTEC turned 19

GRYFTEC turned 19


Another year, another great reason to celebrate.
GRYFTEC Embedded Systems turned 19, and the best way to commemorate this moment is to spend this time with people who truly make this company special.

Nothing brings a group together like a sports competition. A bowling tournament showed the competitive spirit and the hidden bowling talents. Eight teams from various departments competed in a friendly but fierce atmosphere. It was a fun, team-building activity that made lasting memories that extend beyond the workplace.

Huge congrats to the winning team!

Here’s to many more years of achievements, driven by the individuals who make up our company, and countless moments of fun and success together!

Thank you, GRYFTEC team, for another great year together.

GRYFTEC turned 19