GRYFTEC offers a job position for highly experienced and skilled people, but also for graduates who begin their careers.
We differentiate the nature of tasks and their complexity. This allows you to easily develop your career and skills, from graduate to expert in chosen technology.

Environment and working conditions

We believe that every single person is different, has their customs and rhythm of life, so we introduced flexible working hours.
An employee can work in any hours, excluding stress due to lateness to work, or interruption of the working day due to the need to attend to urgent private affairs.
Carrying out complex tasks requires an appropriate atmosphere and conditions. That is why our office has never been and is not an “open-space”. The staff is deployed in spaces, that provide good conditions for concentration and quiet, undisturbed work.
The location of our office is also selected for providing employees with convenient, easy, and efficient commuting.

In order to ensure maximum comfort we provide:

Even though our company continues to grow, we do everything to ensure a family, friendly atmosphere of a typical small business. That allows us clearly limit work-related stress, that affects productivity, creativity, and quality of work.
Our team is a harmonious whole. We assume that its strength depends on the weakest link, hence the emphasis on supporting the weaker or less experienced colleagues in the team and the company.

We make every effort to employees feel part of the team and feel the support and assistance from other colleagues and superiors.
In order to nurture friendly relations, the company organizes regular events for employees. Shared celebration of company jubilees, integration events like paintball, bowling, Geo game, and dart tournaments.
We believe that staff turnover is negative, so we try to make every effort to provide our employees with professional development.

Team managers also recruit employees from within the company, giving new development opportunities. Product ideas and new opportunities are taken seriously and carefully considered. This resulted, for example, in the creation of a new team within the company, whose manager became the originator product.

We try to make the employees stay informed about the situation of the company, taken ventures, and cooperations with other companies.
We organize regular briefings and meetings, including the so-called Pizza Meeting, a corporate meeting at the common meal.