ELIV (Electronic in Vehicles) Congress


Over 1,750 specialists and 145 exhibitors in automotive electronics will come together on October 16 and 17 for the ELIV Conference & Exhibition at World Conference Center Bonn in, Germany.
We are pleased to inform that GRYFTEC will participate in this event.

Organized by the VDI Wissensforum event showcases products like automobile, machinery, equipment, electrical, electronic products, commercial vehicle and mobile equipment associated with this field etc. in the Automotive, Computer Hardware & Software industries. ELIV offers a large exhibition opportunities as well as interesting program of lectures for participants to discover the very latest developments, current trends and routes to future solutions and discuss innovation and current challenges.

To set up a meeting please contact us: marketing@gryftec.com

ASAM member


We are pleased to inform that GRYFTEC became a member of ASAM organization. Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring Systems is an organization that promotes standarization for tool chains in automotive development and testing.

The ASAM Membership consists of over 250 member organizations worldwide that unites international car manufacturers, suppliers, tool vendors, engineering service providers and research institutes from the automotive industry. ASAM focuses on standardizing the data exchanges between many tools used in the process to develop and validate vehicles, their components, and their control systems.

GRYFTEC is now a part of well established international association that drove standardization and laid out road maps for future standardization of interfaces for the development and testing of ECUs.

15 years of Gryftec Embedded Systems

15 years of GRYFTEC Embedded Systems


Jubilee is the right time to make sum ups and to remind how the beginnings of the company looked like, to evaluate of achievements and to set new goals.  It’s also a great moment to celebrate together with all of those who contributed to the company’s development and success through their work and commitment.
We’d like to express our thanks to our Clients and business Partners who have been cooperating and supporting us during this period. Special thanks to our team of employees for their effort put into company’s development.
Thanks to mutual determination we were able to create a company that is recognizable and has a strong position on the market.

We hope, that the next years will be also successful, filled with great ideas, commitment and enthusiasm for further progress.
Once again thanks to all, who contributed to the process of creation and development our company.

GRYFTEC Embedded Systems Management Board

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Student internships during holiday season


Please be informed that the recruitment for student internships during the holiday season is already closed.
We’d like to thank all for sending us their applications.

If you want to do internships after holiday period please contact us using the form on our website or write at info@gryftec.com

III edition of Testing academy is over


Today the last classes of Testing Academy were held. This time the classes were carried out in cooperation with the Faculty of Electric Engineering. We’d like to thank to all of participants for their presence and involvement. Special thanks to the university authorities for the possibility of this venture.
We hope that in the future this fruitful relationship will be continued and contribute with next education projects.