Welcome to the team, interns!


Summer internship kick-off!
Meet our first team: Kinga, Aleksandra, Mikołaj and Rostyslav.
This year is exceptional for us, due to the great interest. Over 20 interns will join our company during the summer.
It’s a real challenge, but we’re ready!

What distinguishes us is an individual approach. We’re one of the few companies that assign each intern to an individual mentor, ensuring that they can fully benefit from the mentors’ experience and knowledge. We believe an internship is not just a temporary relation with a company. It’s the first and most significant step toward professional growth. Our mentors’ are experienced professionals passionate about their work and sharing knowledge.
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Cooperation based on relations


What aspects do you consider while choosing a company you’d like to work for or cooperate with?

  • company proven experience
  • communication and transparency
  • partnership relations
  • approach towards employees and development opportunities
  • organizational culture (values, mission, and work environment)

These are just starting points for a decision-making process. A mutually beneficial and well aligned cooperation can open new opportunities.

Read the article and explore the company’s values and its core business. Get to know what’s important for us.


Source: Infoludek

Gryftec po godzinach

Family picnic


Last Friday, we met at Szczecińska Gubałówka for another family picnic. This is the perfect opportunity for us to spend time with our coworkers outside the office and personally meet their close ones.

Changing weather conditions didn’t spoil our plans or stop us from having a great time. Many attractions prepared for the youngest attendees lasted until late evening. Even the adults couldn’t resist enjoying the bouncy castle and face painting.

We want to thank all the participants for coming and for the shared fun.

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GRYFTEC Jerzy Pieścikowski

Evertiq interview


Evertiq (Electronics Vertical Intelligence), asked our CEO, Jerzy Pieścikowski, about the beginnings of the company and the future of the industry. Our founder shared insights into the company’s early days and highlighted the key factors why German companies choose GRYFTEC as their business partner, like commitment to quality, and deep understanding of our customers.

Evertiq is a news network for the global Electronics Design and Manufacturing Supply Chain, created to inform about the latest trends, manufacturing news, facts, and events in the European electronics industry.

Click the link below and access the full interview.

Source: evertiq.pl

R@bbIT 2023 job fair


It’s been a busy time for us lately. Last week, we participated in the 8th edition of r@bbIT job fair at the West Pomeranian University of Technology. This is a well-known IT event because of its academic background.

The aim of this event is to create diverse opportunities for cooperation between local IT companies and students looking for their first employment opportunities. We always enjoy attending r@bbIT because of the excellent networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities, but most of all, the valuable feedback from talented students. This year’s edition gathered 26 exhibitors and over 1000 participants.

We wish to congratulate the organizers and everyone involved in the preparation of this event.

Once again, thank you for visiting our booth.

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