Embedded World

Embedded World 2024


Our April event lineup is looking pretty intense! We have many exciting meetings and events ahead.

We couldn’t miss the chance to be a part of one of the biggest events for the embedded systems industry and a highly anticipated trade show. In only two months, we’ll meet at the Embedded World 2024 Exhibition & Conference in Germany.

Join us and learn more about our comprehensive services and engineering solutions.
📆 April 9-11.2024
📍 Hall 4- booth 501b

Feel free to use our voucher code for a 3-day free ticket and meet us during the Embedded World 2024.

If you have any questions or want to schedule a meeting, contact us at:
📩 marketing@gryftec.com

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Embedded World 2024


Easy Enginnering Magzine

Easy Engineering Magazine interview


Easy Engineering Magazine released an interview with our CEO, Jerzy Pieścikowski, covering insights about industry trends that impact our company, ongoing projects, and forecasts for the embedded market.

Easy Engineering is an international online magazine, that focuses on the technology industry, delivering valuable information about the latest products and services.

Read the full interview:

Interview in Easy Engineering Magazine

GRYFTEC turned 19

GRYFTEC turned 19


Another year, another great reason to celebrate.
GRYFTEC Embedded Systems turned 19, and the best way to commemorate this moment is to spend this time with people who truly make this company special.

Nothing brings a group together like a sports competition. A bowling tournament showed the competitive spirit and the hidden bowling talents. Eight teams from various departments competed in a friendly but fierce atmosphere. It was a fun, team-building activity that made lasting memories that extend beyond the workplace.

Huge congrats to the winning team!

Here’s to many more years of achievements, driven by the individuals who make up our company, and countless moments of fun and success together!

Thank you, GRYFTEC team, for another great year together.

GRYFTEC turned 19

Sponte-elektro cooperation

Sponte-Elektro cooperation


In one of our latest articles, we highlighted the matter of test infrastructure in embedded systems. Regarding this article, we’d like to present a solution developed during the last few months for one of our clients.

The rig simulates and measures every possible analog and digital signal of the tested device and allows the testing of a marine automation device. This solution is based on PLC controllers from B&R company and VT System from Vector.

The project was created as a result of cooperation with Sponte-Elektro company.

If you haven’t read the article, click the link below.

Low-level testing

Article: Low-level testing solutions and challenges


Low-level testing is a kind of software testing, that is checking if each module, function, class, and method work correctly. It verifies the system functionality at the source code level, processor instructions, registers, memory, or hardware interface. Low-level tests are commonly used in embedded systems that are integrated with hardware and have limited resources.

The aim is to identify and eliminate logical, syntactical, or implementation bugs in the code before it’s integrated with other system components. Typically, low-level tests are carried out by developers creating and modifying the source code.
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