Embedded World 2023 coverage

Embedded World 2023 coverage


The Embedded World 2023 is history now. It’s time for a summary and conclusions.
Embedded World returned with full force after the pandemic break and surprised with numbers and statistics. This year’s edition attracted nearly 27,000 visitors and 950 international exhibitors, a real success for the organizers of this event.

One of the most surprising aspects of this year’s event was the high level of interest in our software and embedded systems development services. We found that surprising that the number of visitors who came to our stand engaged with and actively discussed our services and the possibilities of cooperation with us. This confirms our belief that the offered services and their implementation methods are gaining broad interest. It is visible that our approach to developing innovative solutions tailored to individual customer needs is gaining recognition in the industry. We firmly believe that our ability to offer end-to-end solutions, from design to implementation, is a key factor in our success.

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Embedded World 2023


Welcome to the Embedded World 2023 Exhibition & Conference. We are excited to be here again and eager to meet with all the attendees.

As you make your way around the conference center, we invite you to stop by and say hello. Whether you are looking for new solutions for your business or simply want to learn more about our company, we are here to help to find the best solution for your challenges with our services and experts in computer science, software engineering and testing, electronics, and other technologies.

Embedded World 2023, over 950 exhibitors from 44 countries, that’s the real potential. The most important event of the year.

Visit our booth, Hall 4, stand 4-501b.

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Embedded World

Company representatives at EW23


With the EW23 coming up, it’s time to introduce profiles of our company representatives.
If you’re interested in knowing more about our services and industry updates, our team will answer any questions.

Marcin Miśkiewicz is the Testing Team Leader at GRYFTEC. Working since 2012, went through the full path from Junior Tester to Team Leader. Besides his leadership activities, he is also a Test Manager in 3 projects, dealing with devices supporting combustion engines. Marcin’s skills in identifying risk are truly exceptional, and his dedication to maintaining the highest standards in our services is unwavering.

Paweł Chaberek – for over 11 years in IT as a developer FPGA designer, device test engineer, and test manager. He accomplished complex FPGA projects in GRYFTEC Embedded Systems. Currently working as a Test Manager, and is also involved in automation and implementation of new solutions for current legislation requirements for the automotive industry. After work, he is a committed mountain bike cyclist. 🙂

Krzysztof Oflus– Full-time C# .NET developer for over 3 years realizing complex applications helping embedded tasks development in GRYFTEC Embedded Systems. Currently involved in the implementation and development of new solutions for the automotive and embedded industry. Privately, an enthusiast of all kinds of electronics.

Be sure to mark your ? calendar and join us at the Embedded World 2023.
? Schedule a meeting: marketing@gryftec.com

Company representatives

Embedded World 2023


Po dłu­giej prze­rwie spo­wo­do­wa­nej pandemią Covid-19, wznawiamy swój udział w targach Embed­ded World.
Zaw­sze chęt­nie wra­camy w to miej­sce i cie­szymy się z kolej­nej moż­li­wo­ści bycia czę­ścią tego nie­zwy­kłego wyda­rze­nia.

Targi Embed­ded World to jedno z naj­więk­szych wyda­rzeń tech­no­lo­gicz­nych w Euro­pie, cie­szące się ogromną popu­lar­no­ścią zarówno wśród wystaw­ców, jak i odwie­dza­ją­cych. Kierowane jest zarówno do specjalistów z branży, dystrybutorów, producentów, jak również studentów.
Prezentowane są tu nowe produkty i rozwiązania technologiczne. To idealne miejsce do wymiany wie­dzy i doświad­czeń z ekspertami oraz roz­wi­ja­nia nowych pomy­słów na przy­szłość.

Już dziś serdecznie zapraszamy na nasze stoisko 4-501b w hali numer 4.
Spotkaj się z nami 14–16 Marca 2023 w Cen­trum Wysta­wien­ni­czym w Norym­ber­dze, na naj­więk­szym wyda­rze­niu w branży embedded.