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Article: The matter of an embedded systems test infrastructure team tasks


Today, embedded systems are used in a wide range of industries and devices we use, from smartphones through TV sets to cars. To assure the systems are of the highest quality, it is essential to test them and, for that to happen, create appropriate test environments. The test infrastructure team provides the essential elements for conducting tests as well as the tools for the management of the testing process itself. They are the key component both for testers, who need access to the right set of tools, as well as for the customer himself who expects reliable test results.

An important part of the test infrastructure are test environments. Testing of embedded systems is focused on the actual device, which may require various types of sensors, actuators or communication interfaces (used for interaction with the surroundings or other systems) in order to work properly. When testing particular components such as an ECU (Electronic Control Unit), for example, the test environment simulates input signals and allows the tester to check output signals produced by the device. Therefore, one of the primary tasks of the infrastructure department is finding solutions, which enable us to simulate the environment, in which the device under test will be used.
In our company, B&R X20 series, controllers, and Vector VT System devices are commonly used for this purpose, which the tester is operating using the Vector CANoe software. While the Vector VT System uses a build-in communication interface within CANoe, it was the test infrastructure team’s task to create a real-time communication solution with the other components.

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CEO Jerzy Pieścikowski

Evertiq interview


Evertiq (Electronics Vertical Intelligence), asked our CEO, Jerzy Pieścikowski, about the beginnings of the company and the future of the industry. Our founder shared insights into the company’s early days and highlighted the key factors why German companies choose GRYFTEC as their business partner, like commitment to quality, and deep understanding of our customers.

Evertiq is a news network for the global Electronics Design and Manufacturing Supply Chain, created to inform about the latest trends, manufacturing news, facts, and events in the European electronics industry.

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Source: evertiq.pl

Embedded World 2023


Welcome to the Embedded World 2023 Exhibition & Conference. We are excited to be here again and eager to meet with all the attendees.

As you make your way around the conference center, we invite you to stop by and say hello. Whether you are looking for new solutions for your business or simply want to learn more about our company, we are here to help to find the best solution for your challenges with our services and experts in computer science, software engineering and testing, electronics, and other technologies.

Embedded World 2023, over 950 exhibitors from 44 countries, that’s the real potential. The most important event of the year.

Visit our booth, Hall 4, stand 4-501b.

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Targi Embedded World 2019


Już po raz czwarty nasza firma uczestniczyła w branżowych targach Embedded World 2019, ale tym razem byliśmy zdumieni frekwencją. Około 31,000 odwiedzających i 1,117 firm z całego świata, to zaskakujący wynik.
Embedded World exhibitor
Mieliśmy okazję poznać wiele ciekawych osób i odbyć mnóstwo interesujących rozmów dotyczących oferowanych usług. Mamy nadzieję, że dzięki tym spotkaniom będziemy mogli nawiązać nowe relacje biznesowe i podzielić się naszą wiedzą oraz doświadczeniem.

To doskonała okazja, aby zaprezentować nasze umiejętności, doświadczenie i osiągnięcia w sektorze embedded oraz, aby zapoznać się z najnowszymi trendami, z których będziemy mogli korzystać w przyszłości.

Dziękuję tym wszystkim, z którymi mieliśmy okazję się spotkać i wymienić kilka słów.