GRYFTEC company has become authorised distributor and representative of ZILA-Elektronik GmbH


Gryftec company has become authorised distributor and representative of ZILA-Elektronik GmbH, thus introducing ready for use ventilation systems with temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide concentration in air control into the Polish market.

Zila ventilation systems are suited ideally to fight moisture in dwelling-places, basements, storage and production areas. They prevent fungi formation and maintain indoor humidity on the appropriate level.

Gryftec company extends the offer also to high class industrial sensors to measure pressure, temperature, pressure differential and carbon dioxide concentration. Climat sensors are worthy special attention. They are very useful for precise measurement of temperature and humidity in the proper range for enclosed spaces and outdoors. All sensors are available in industry standard interfaces for current, voltage or digital CAN.

ZILA-Elektronik GmbH introduced to the market, as one of the first companies, carbon dioxide sensors monitoring concentration of this gas in air. Very simple LED and audible alarm indicates an elevated level of carbon dioxide in the room and the necessity of ventilation. As we know, elevated levels of CO2 in areas adversely affects the concentration and mood. This type of sensors is recommended in these areas, where many people are together in the same time like schools, kindergartens, hospital halls, conference rooms and offices where many people work in one room.