GRYFTEC Embedded Systems has over 15 years of history. We are one of the leaders of polish companies in IT sector dealing with embedded systems and wide-ranging technology microprocessor. Our company is constantly developing in order to meet the challenges of the changing market.


Company changes its legal form of business to limited liability company. From now enterprise name is Gryftec
Embedded Systems Sp. z o.o.

Gryftec consistently implements the company’s strategy and objectives and strengthens position on the market.


ISOGryftec changes
location of main office to high-end, A+ office space in Baltic Business Park.

We earn international certificate ISO 9001:2015.


Company obtains Hanse 345 yacht for employees use.


Gryftec opens branch office in the Koszalin, Poland.

Cooperation with MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH is extended by software development for combustion engine control units.


MTUCompany cooperates with German MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH, producer of modern diesel and gas engines.
This allows to create new department, specialized with software and embedded systems testing.


Gryftec expands its offer with technical trainings of software development for modern microprocessors systems and
electronic systems developed in VHDL.

Gryftec is representative and distributor of Frenzel&Berg Electronic GmbH.


AwardNuring conference in Antwerpen, Enterprise Europe Network rewards Gryftec and Westline with
Network Stars for excellent example of cooperation.


Sales department is forming, expanding offer of highly specialized technologies, instruments and software with
embedded systems purpose.

Gryftec is a legal partner of companies’ such as Gleichmann Electronics Research GmbH, Zila Elektronik GmbH,
Sciopta Systems AG.


Gryftec Jerzy Pieścikowski is founded by a graduate of Szczecin University of Technology – Jerzy Pieścikowski on
August 1st 2004.

German Lauterbach GmbH is company’s first customer.