15 years of Gryftec Embedded Systems

15 years of GRYFTEC Embedded Systems


Jubilee is the right time to make sum ups and to remind how the beginnings of the company looked like, to evaluate of achievements and to set new goals.  It’s also a great moment to celebrate together with all of those who contributed to the company’s development and success through their work and commitment.
We’d like to express our thanks to our Clients and business Partners who have been cooperating and supporting us during this period. Special thanks to our team of employees for their effort put into company’s development.
Thanks to mutual determination we were able to create a company that is recognizable and has a strong position on the market.

We hope, that the next years will be also successful, filled with great ideas, commitment and enthusiasm for further progress.
Once again thanks to all, who contributed to the process of creation and development our company.

GRYFTEC Embedded Systems Management Board