Peripheral files (PER)

GRYFTEC company provides services in Peripheral (PER) files development for any customer’s system. Scripts are created strictly in accordance to rules and quality standards applied by LAUTERBACH.

Peripheral files (PER) are excellent, innovative method for microcontroller’s registers presentation. PER file provides possibility for clear view into register content and comfortable way to modify it’s state.
Thanks to detailed register description PER files supports programmer as an additional documentation in the system. Their functionality provides opportunity for rapid prototyping of code behavior (in other words, user can i.e. control the UART transmission by setting proper bits/registers without the single line of code). PER files provides possibility to display and modify the content of internal registers of complex On-Chip Systems like FPGA or ASIC.

PER Converters

Meeting TRACE32® users halfway, GRYFTEC provides converters for PER files generation from any provided user files (XML, C, H, etc.). It is very comfortable solution for companies willing to keep confidential internal registers, structures, addresses, meaning and so on. Converter allows On-Click PER file generation, sparing the arduous work at manual PER file preparation. To provide the Converter we need just the short example or format description. Thanks to this, all important information stays confidential.

It shall be kept in mind that quality/functionality of automatically generated PER files depends entirely on input files used for conversion. Conveying information about registers structures, addressing, names, text description has a significant meaning.